Two particularly complicated moon phase replica watches

Replica Rolex has never been known for highly complicated watches. And there is often a debate on social media about whether Rolex is a real watch manufacturer or just makes simple models. In fact, Rolex¡¯s reputation today comes from tool watches ¨C the most coveted steel watches in the world. In fact, however, Rolex has also produced complicated watches in the past. The period in question was the mid-20th century, and the company created two particularly complicated moon phase models. That is:

Replica Rolex Padelone 8171 The vintage replica Rolex Padellone is one of only two three-date moon phase watches produced by fake rolex in the 20th century. In fact, the Rolex 8171 was released in 1949, a year before the introduction of the Rolex ¡°Stelline¡± ref. 6062.

The nickname Padellone means "cauldron" in Italian because of the size of the watches at the time. Rolex offers the Padellone 8171 in yellow gold, rose gold and stainless steel. The Padellone 8171 was produced in large numbers, but one can estimate around 300 pieces in yellow gold and 300 pieces in rose gold, and perhaps more in stainless steel.

Another really interesting feature of the Rolex Triple-date Moonphase 8171 produced between 1949 and 1952 is its unusually large size (for the time) - 38 mm. This is why this watch looks timeless to this day. However, the Rolex Padellone 8171 is a watch with a removable water-resistant case, unlike the replica Rolex "Stelline" ref. 6062.

Despite the complexity of the internal movement, the exterior of the replica watch is extremely aesthetic. Beyond the dial bezel is a 31-day counter, indicated by a central hand. At 6 o'clock is the moon phase ring, above which is the day and month window at 12 o'clock. Compared with the current crown, it is just below the very classic Rolex replica watches logo. The fact that there are so many dial versions of the Padellone 8171 makes this watch highly sought after by collectors.