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Realizing luxury residences and commercial spaces all over the world has tested our ability to coordinate and guarantee efficiency, the quality we are able to offer with our coordination activity, on the activities of artisans and professionals managing very projects complexes with strict deadlines and high expectations. Everything must be built to last and be lived. With the best materials and a perfection that reaches the smallest details.

Il Sogno becomes Project thanks to the Experience and Wisdom of the architects who transform Matter into Uniqueness, Innovation and Luxury.

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D editors with dynamic sagacity and wisdom create a dynamic design, in continuous evolution and
material and conceptual innovation.

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Deditors - Via R. Rossellini 12 - Bisceglie (BAT) - P. IVA 06483820723 | USA +1 305 7839278 | ITA +39 3296826101 | info@deditors.com   
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