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An Italian Story

We create interiors of  great complexity in  the  world, we carry with us everywhere this soul handicraft made of quality materials, attention to detail, tradition and experimentation, perfectionism and tenacity. Our history is growing, the furnishings we move the furniture, slowly restructuring: so we begin to work with other artisans, to coordinate entire projects of furniture. Serving us the most skilled craftsmen Brianza, supported by the ability of architects "visionaries" learn a new trade right in the furniture district oldest in Italy through the design of the interior of houses and fittings, interiors of shops and showrooms and retail space high range. D editors faces in this new world first with the sale of items of furniture and objects created by great international designers, then with the collaboration with the architects. In 2010 the turning point. The merger with the pull of Architects and engineers by providing their skills further enrich the range of services offered. Arrive so  the  first proposals for  achieving the  internal reception rooms, restaurants, shops and showrooms. The new attracts us and we pass from crafts to a1to level interpretation of trends and lifestyles.

Deditors - Via R. Rossellini 12 - Bisceglie (BAT) - P. IVA 06483820723 | USA +1 305 7839278 | ITA +39 3296826101 | info@deditors.com   
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