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Behind our brand is now a strong and proven: D editors Contract & Construction, the laboratory production is the source of ideas for the engineering and execution of our work. We are ready to deal with new visions. Entrust their shops Trussardi, Vodafone, Etro, Geox, Stefanel Fratelli Labufala, Vulkania, Mo. Everyone, aesthetics and a world which give form and substance. And more and more individuals who are asking us to create a unique home, the environment of their lives, should it include  aspirations,  style,  beauty  and  wellness.  Industrial design  and unique pieces. How many company made in Italy, we are small - Fifteen people including artisans, architects, surveyors, administration and management - but the size of our business is global. We worked in fifty countries of the world, and the world we seek, and we select materials, ideas, solutions, technologies and talents.

Deditors - Via Tramontana, 1/9 Molfetta (BA) - P. IVA 06483820723 | USA +1 305 7839278 | ITA +39 3296826101 | info@deditors.com   
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